Alnwick, Camera Club

Alan Porrett, of Whitley Bay Photographic Society, was the judge for Alnwick and District Camera Club's set of three print competition.

Sunday, 18th February 2018, 5:00 am
The Tenantry Column in Alnwick by Jane Coltman

This competition for pictures either in colour or monochrome had no fixed subject so the 18 entries covered a wide range of genres.

Alan talked about the challenges of this competition and the difficulty in finding that elusive third image to complete a set. The pictures should stand together as a balanced panel, with each image forming an integral part of the whole.

When talking about each entry, Alan first commented on the overall success of the pictures as a panel before praising some individual images, which he felt might stand alone in a different competition.

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Unusually, several sets of smaller prints were presented on single mounts, but Alan made it clear that this was not detrimental in any way.

Commended were Tattoo Triptych by Micheal Mundy, Human Interaction by Carol McKay, and Broken Combines by Richard Stent, while highly commended were Vintage Cars by John Strong, Rajasthanis by Valerie Atkinson, and Autumn In The Mountains by Margaret Whittaker.

In fourth place was Dance Troop, a painterly evocation of the subject by Malcolm Kus, and in third was Early Morning Venice, an unusual and effective set of fish eye views by Laine Baker.

Jim Kirkpatrick’s fine ornithological images, entitled Birds of Centre Display, was awarded second place.

But in first place was Jane Coltman’s Alnwick Garden Abstracts, an imaginative triptych of small, but perfectly formed colour prints.