Alnwick, Camera Club

Steve McDonald, from Morpeth Camera Club, was the judge for Alnwick and District Camera Club's set subject print competition. The subject was H2O and this was interpreted in many different ways, some quite ingenious.

Monday, 2nd April 2018, 12:00 pm
The Tenantry Column in Alnwick by Jane Coltman

Steve proved to be an excellent judge, giving a detailed analysis of each picture, particularly regarding how well it fitted the brief.

Including water in the picture was not enough to impress the judge, but his comments were constructive and encouraging. Steve invited the audience to give their feedback and this resulted in some interesting discussion, as well as light-hearted banter.

Prints that Steve commended were Big Wave Amble by John Strong, Icy Windscreen by Jim Kirkpatrick, and Water Beds by Malcolm Kus.

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Those highly commended were H To O Now I Can’t Go, involving letters on a Scrabble board, by Richard Stent, No Sitting Out In The Rain Today by Margaret Whittaker, and Water Music by Micheal Mundy.

In fourth place was Roughting Linn, a quite magical landscape by Dave Dixon, while third place went to Hydrant, a clever and well presented image of a fire hydrant sign by Micheal Mundy.

Dave Dixon also took second place with Blakehope Burn, a beautifully captured picture of moving water.

But Steve awarded first place to Gerry Simpson for Splashdown, a superb, high speed, flash shot of moving water droplets.