Alnwick, Camera Club

View of Alnwick near the War Memorial by Jane ColtmanView of Alnwick near the War Memorial by Jane Coltman
View of Alnwick near the War Memorial by Jane Coltman
Sadly, Mary Hartley, the scheduled judge for Alnwick and District Camera Club's, April 11, meeting, second open print competition, was indisposed but club member Malcolm Kus stepped into the breach at short notice.

Fortunately Malcolm is a very experienced and well-regarded competition Judge, although he had little time to assess the 43 monochrome prints and 42 colour prints submitted before the meeting took place.

Open competitions are always the most challenging because the subject matter of the prints is so varied but Malcolm made the task look easy as he commented in detail on each entry in his usual relaxed and good humoured style.

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In the monochrome competition, Underpass by Alastair Cochrane, Pilgrims in the Mist by Jane Coltman and Duddo Stones by Dave Dixon were all commended while The Horse Dealer by Jane Coltman, Lines by Alastair Cochrane and Desolate Deckchairs by Ian Atkinson were highly commended.

Fourth place went to Laine Baker for War Memorial Whitehall, a fine close-up of sculptural detail, and third place to Michael Mundy for Black Beach Reynisfjara, an atmospheric, graphic landscape. Michael also took first and second places, the latter with Lost Love, an excellent, symbolic studio shot and first place with Ivan, a beautifully lit and well posed portrait of the highest quality.

In the colour competition, commended entries were Cheers Darling by Jane Coltman, King’s Cross Underpass by Laine Baker and Political Decline by Jane Coltman while those highly commended were Leaf by Alastair Cochrane, Spirit Island by Margaret Whittaker and The Other Roughting Linn by David Burn.

David also took fourth place with The Black Hole, a dramatic coastal landscape while Jane Coltman was awarded third place for Rough and Tumble, a well-timed, colourful horse racing image. David Burn again succeeded with second place for Low Newton Rocks, a lovely picture of rocks, sea and sky with beautiful, subtle colours but Margaret Whittaker won first place with Schizostylis (Zeal salmon), an extremely striking studio flower portrait against a black background with digitally created reflections.

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