Alnwick, Camera Club

View of autumn leaves at Alnwick Castle.'Picture by Jane Coltman
View of autumn leaves at Alnwick Castle.'Picture by Jane Coltman

Alnwick and District Camera Club‘s president, John Thompson, presented an evening of prints from the Northern Counties Photographic Federation’s latest International Salon.

He started by explaining the organisation and significance of such events and showed samples of the different ribbons and medals that are awarded.

From a total of some three and a half thousand prints submitted from all over the world, just three hundred are selected for the final exhibition by a panel of three judges. From these, prints are selected for awards from the Royal Photographic Society, the Photographic Society of America and the International Federation of Photographic Art, as well as individual awards from the three judges.

John showed a selection of accepted entries along with all of the award winners in both monochrome and colour categories.

The range of pictures was immense with many fine examples of landscape, seascape architectural, sports, still life, wildlife, portrait, studio and street photography. Needless to say, the standard of print quality was extremely high and there was plenty to inspire the audience.

Monochrome prints ranged from punchy, high contrast pictures to gentle high key images, some resembling delicate pencil sketches, while colour prints displayed a similar variety with soft pastels, desaturated and bold colours all in evidence.

John provided a useful commentary along the way and encouraged comments from club members. This resulted in some interesting discussion, particularly relating to the use of the term ‘creative image’ which, for the purposes of this salon, relates to pictures created from multiple images.

Inevitably, not all pictures appealed to everyone and the audience may have been left wondering why the judges made some of their decisions.

Nevertheless, there was no doubting the overall high technical quality of work on show and hopefully this evening’s presentation will encourage members to submit their own pictures to NCPF salons in future.