Alnwick and Dsitrcit Camera Club

BEHIND THE LENS: Alnwick and District Camera Club welcomed Leo Palmer from Hexham and District Photographic Society to give a presentation entitled A Photographer’s Tale.

Leo is a highly respected photographer who exhibits internationally and lectures throughout the country. He describes himself as primarily a travel photographer but with a difference. In fact his travel photography is more a journey through life, looking at everything and anything along the way.

His audience was taken on a long journey, starting in Northumberland and moving on to Europe, North Africa, Cuba and New Mexico.

People pictures featured strongly in Leo’s talk with many superb and sensitively handled examples both posed and candid. For his candid shots, he has developed a remarkable ability to shoot from the hip without the use of a viewfinder, and in this way has managed to capture pictures that would otherwise have been quite impossible.

Leo is always looking for something new and seeks out unusual juxtapositions to produce pictures that tell a story. Although many of these are made in camera, he is also a master of what he calls altered images, using digital techniques to create composite pictures.

Unlike many photographers, he is willing to share his knowledge and on this occasion showed several sequences to demonstrate how some of these pictures had been achieved.

Leo’s landscapes were equally impressive with wonderful use of colour and light. His use of high dynamic range techniques showed how this method can produce stunning results when handled with great skill and good taste.

Projects feature strongly in Leo’s photography as he feels that this is a good way of giving direction to his work. Some of these have originated from club assignments that he has then developed further.

He completed his talk, and brought his travels full circle, with some superb photographic studies of Newcastle that had resulted from one of these projects.