Alnwick and District Camera Club

More Than Meets the Eye was the title of Alan Brown’s talk when he visited Alnwick and District Camera Club.

Alan, who is a retired teacher from Whitburn, is an experienced communicator and used his skills to engage with his audience. After an introductory talk about people’s reaction to art and images in general, he showed a series of his prints and asked club members to comment on them. There was plenty of response, leading to a good natured and enthusiastic discussion.

The point of Alan’s presentation was to show how judges often tend to assess pictures mainly on their composition rather than their content. While composition can be very important, Alan feels that every picture should tell a story and that photographers should not be reluctant to present challenges to those viewing their pictures.

Street photography is Alan’s forte and he spends much time exploring the streets of towns and cities to capture his pictures.

He is particularly fond of images in which people are photographed against a background of advertising posters where the juxtaposition asks questions of society in general.

Some of these images were extremely humorous while others had a darker side.

Alan is quite willing to wait in front of a suitable background until the right combination of people appears and his patience is often rewarded with a memorable image. He somehow seems to melt into the background and often manages to take his pictures without his subject’s awareness. He makes no attempt to conceal his camera and stops taking pictures if people appear to be uncomfortable.

Alan showed an extensive series of projected digital images of his people pictures, including an impressive series taken on the London Underground.