Alnwick and District Camera Club

Alnwick and District Camera Club’s latest meeting was an evening of contrasts provided by club members Rosalee Cook-Jury, John Strong, Dave Dixon and Roger Black.

Rosalee started with an introductory illustrated talk about her photographic interests which she divided into six categories. These were entitled In the House, Flowers Outdoors, Seaside, Sky, People and Orchids.

While Rosalee claims to have little technical knowledge of photography, she certainly has a good eye for a picture.

She has a very bold and individual style and focuses strongly on form and colour, producing results which are often refreshingly different.

This was followed by a highly enjoyable audio visual presentation of her pictures accompanied by the music of the Polish instrumental ensemble Kroke.

John Strong followed with a fascinating photographic survey of the machines that he had encountered during his 50-year career as a driver of heavy plant.

He showed an amazing range of diggers, dozers, graders and dump trucks and talked about the hardships and hazards encountered in working with them.

However, the highlight of his presentation was an account of his visit to the Caterpillar demonstration ground in Malaga.

There, an impressive range of the latest earth moving equipment was in action, culminating in The Big Push, when a row of massive bulldozers push a tidal wave of earth towards the audience.

Since retiring, John has developed his photographic skills which he demonstrated with a beautiful audio visual presentation on the Coquet River as it flows from its source to the sea.

The two print galleries by Dave Dixon and Roger Black shared an architectural theme but in very different ways. Dave presented a series of telling images of Newcastle buildings from the T Dan Smith era to show how they had fared over the years while Roger’s reportage-style pictures provided a photographic record of the demolition of a neighbouring house and its replacement by a new high tech residence.