Alnwick and District Camera Club

The audience enjoyed a lively and entertaining evening when Alnwick and District Camera Club welcomed members of Tynemouth Photographic Society for an exchange visit.

Five members of the Tynemouth club gave presentations, covering a wide range of photographic techniques and subjects.

First was Thomas Heaton with some superb snowy and icy landscapes. He likes to get close to nature and is prepared to undergo all manner of hardships in order to obtain his pictures, often camping overnight to be first on the scene in the morning. Pictures from warmer climes included some taken in South Africa and Costa Rica.

Next was John McGuinness with a series of excellent landscapes from Northumberland, Yorkshire, the Lake District and elsewhere. John is also a master of digital manipulation and showed some good examples of high dynamic range and composite pictures. He also enjoys wildlife subjects which featured in his final set of images.

Larry Bedigan specialises in portrait and figure photography, both in the studio and outdoors. He showed an impressive series of high key and low key images demonstrating his skills in handling both studio and natural lighting. In complete contrast, Larry is also a fine underwater photographer as demonstrated by a stunning sequence of pictures of exotic marine life.

Howard Wilson is noted for his audio visual presentations and the two sequences that he showed were extremely well put together. The first, entitled Stone and Sand, was a beautiful set of images capturing the essence of the North East coast while his second sequence, entitled Big River, was a fascinating collection of historic photographs of the Tyne accompanied by the music of Jimmy Nail.

Last, but by no means least, Arthur Smith presented Tynemouth’s highly successful print entry for the Northern Counties Photographic Federation’s club championship. Each print was accompanied by an extremely interesting and humorous commentary.

To complete a most enjoyable evening, Alnwick club members Jane Coltman and Laine Baker presented an excellent gallery of their favourite colour and monochrome prints.