Alnwick and District Camera Club

Joe Grabham, from Durham Photographic Society, was the speaker at Alnwick and District Camera Club’s latest meeting.

The title of his presentation was Every Picture Tells a Story and Joe certainly had plenty of stories to tell.

Starting with his early work in black and white photography, Joe demonstrated the successful use of simplicity and pattern which are evident in many of his pictures. The human element also plays an important part and he likes to include a person somewhere in the picture.

He has always been adventurous in his use of techniques and early on experimented with the use of infra red film to produce pictures that are different and often quite beautiful. His mastery of composition means that he is never afraid to break the rules.

Moving on to colour photography, Joe showed how he applied the same principles as those used in his monochrome work. However, the advent of digital photography made it much easier to control the final images and has opened up a wide range of creative possibilities.

Creative digital manipulation can range from the removal or repositioning of small objects in the picture to montages where several images are blended together to create a completely new and different image. Joe is a master of the latter technique. He deliberately seeks out subjects that he can blend together in this way. The results may not always be to everyone’s taste but there is no doubting his imagination and ingenuity as well as the extremely high technical quality of his pictures.

Joe went on to present a bewildering array of quality pictures demonstrating his prowess in creative photography of all kinds. This was an evening that provided plenty of inspiration.