Alnwick and District Camera Club

Club nights are a regular feature at Alnwick and District Camera Club and print knock-out competitions are particularly popular as they allow every member of the audience to participate.

Prints are displayed randomly in pairs and members vote for their favourites by a show of hands until all but the winners are eliminated.

This requires careful organisation and the evening was ably coordinated by Jane Coltman and Laine Baker.

There were a large number of entries for this fun event which promotes plenty of friendly banter along the way.

However, the quality of pictures entered was of the usual high standard and covered a wide range of subjects both in colour and monochrome.

With print competitions of this kind, it is important that pictures have an instant impact and those with a strong composition tend to be most successful.

It is often quite challenging to decide between two pictures of very different subjects although this is a problem that regularly confronts club competition judges.

In many cases, the voting was very close, so much so that, in the final analysis, second place was shared between Doug Ross and Andrew Mackie.

Doug’s print, entitled Provencale Steps, was a classic example of a finely composed image that captured the warmth of the south of France, while Andrew’s delicately coloured picture of derelict boats, entitled Graveyard at Salen,was equally successful in recording the peaceful atmosphere of a scene on the Isle of Mull.

However, first place went to Dru Dodd’s superbly captured night-time image of the poppy installation at the Tower of London which he had poignantly entitled One More Soldier Reporting for Duty Sir.