Alnwick and District Camera Club

Alnwick and District Camera Club welcomed award-winning photographer Peter Rees to give a presentation entitled A Printer’s Progress.

Peter’s photographic interests range widely from landscape and documentary pictures to portraiture and figure studies.

His well-illustrated talk covered a period of some 40 years, commencing with monochrome darkroom prints and eventually moving to those produced exclusively by digital methods.

It soon became clear why his work has proved so successful in competitions as he showed a most impressive succession of high quality prints, exhibiting his skills in both monochrome and colour photography.

His accompanying talk, spiced with a gently mischievous sense of humour, gave interesting backgrounds to his pictures with valuable insights into the methods he employs to add impact to his final prints.

He is not afraid to break the rules to achieve the effects he requires, even if the results are not always appreciated by everyone.

Although himself a judge on the international exhibition circuit, his trenchant comments on the opinions of some club competition judges was amusing and, to many of us, reassuring.

Peter prefers misty and foggy days for his landscape photography, often adding to the atmosphere of his pictures by the use of infra red techniques. Many of his images had a distinct period feel to them but were none the worse for that. These included some of his figure studies, including one digital print which had been warmly sepia toned by soaking in tea.

The Scottish islands have provided rich hunting grounds for Peter’s photography and he showed a series of fine landscapes and seascapes from Harris, Jura, Arran and North Uist.

Travel photography is another of Peter’s interests, illustrated by further first rate prints of scenes from various locations in Europe, North Africa and the USA.

Throughout his talk, Peter’s enjoyment of photography shone through. A final series of his prints was displayed as a gallery so that members could scrutinise them more closely and discuss them amongst themselves, an appropriate end to another enjoyable evening.