Alnwick and District Camera Club

Alnwick and District Camera club enjoyed a double-header presentation at its recent meeting when Athol Swanston and Roger Black, both long-term members of the club, each gave a showing of their pictures.

Some would describe the shows as retro, others nostalgic, because both focused on the days of film rather than more modern digital.

Athol began the evening by showing film slides of subjects that have a particular interest for him: Northumberland landscapes and wildlife.

Members were treated to some lovely pictures of the hills and rivers of the county and to well-recorded images of birds such as eiders, puffins, kittiwakes and a bright-eyed shag.

After almost 10 years of viewing digital images, it was a pleasure to see again the rich, deep colours of the film slide.

Roger produced a film development tank he had been given in 1951.

For some in the room, those with memories of working in the pungent dark room, this was a familiar sight. Others may have been amazed at how laborious and painstaking it must have been to have to go through this time- consuming process compared with the instant gratification of the computer.

Roger took his audience carefully through the loading of a film, previously trimmed with scissors, stressing that everything had to be done in the dark. It was amusing and enjoyable.

Roger completed the evening by showing an AV (digital!) of the lochs and mountains of the isles of Scotland. His pictures were excellent and, together with Athol’s, provided a most entertaining evening.