Alnwick and District Camera Club

There were plenty of fine pictures to enjoy when Alnwick and District Camera Club members showed a selection of their recent work.

Pictures were shown as projected digital images and members were encouraged to talk about them.

John Whittaker started with an interesting selection of people pictures taken on a holiday in the Caribbean.

He was followed by Doug Ross with some striking scenes in the new entrance to the Central Station in Newcastle.

Rosalee Cook-Jurie’s flower close-ups made a good contrast, concentrating on colour and form, while David Carter showed pictures of a glacier lake in New Zealand and some experimental flower portraits.

Kevin Murray’s bird portraits are always superb but this time he had created a set-up enabling him to include their reflections in water, resulting in some unusual and captivating images .

Peter Carter’s architectural pictures have been extensively used in the newly-refurbished Bailiffgate Museum and he showed a few panels, explaining the need for images of different format to fit with the explanatory text.

John Thompson’s excellent pictures of the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside were all taken on Boxing Day showing that our members never waste an opportunity for a good picture. In the same vein, Dawn Groves has resolved to take at least one picture every day this year and showed a fascinating range of images that she has already captured, including some spectacular shots of the Aurora Borealis.

Finally, Dru Dodd showed a superb range of landscapes from Scotland and Northumberland and equally excellent cityscapes of Newcastle including panoramas and multiple exposure images used to record vehicle light trails.

Once again, this was a highly successful members’ evening providing a wealth of information and ideas to inspire our photography.