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Birmingham by John Thompson
Birmingham by John Thompson
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Alnwick and District Camera Club’s latest print competition was judged by its members.

The set subject was Texture, Pattern or Geometry and the competition attracted 59 entries of a very high standard.The prints were first shown individually on a light box and afterwards arranged around the room so that everyone had a chance to examine them more closely and make their own choices. Each person had the opportunity to award points for their five favourite pictures and the totals were used to establish placings.

Commended were Roof Pattern by Gerry Simpson, York by John Thompson and Spittal Rocks by Nick Johnson while Linked by David Carter, Patterns in Nature by Kevin Murray and Smooth by Alastair Cochrane were all highly commended.

Fourth place went to Jane Coltman for Bench View, third place was awarded to Kevin Murray for Wing Feathers, Jay and Laine Baker’s Wood Knot was second.

Overall first place went to John Thompson for Birmingham, a fine architectural pattern image of the iconic Selfridges building.

This was a very successful evening, giving everyone a chance to participate and to appreciate just how difficult it is to judge a competition when there are so many varied ways of interpreting a set subject.