Alnwick and District Camera Club

Alnwick and District Camera Club welcomed Dave Yates from Birmingham to give his Royal Photographic Society presentation entitled Photography My Way.

Sponsored by Fotospeed, Dave Yates is a highly respected photographer and is currently chairman of the London Salon of Photography.

Although he works primarily in monochrome, Dave commenced his presentation with some wonderfully atmospheric hand-coloured prints of derelict buildings and vehicles taken in abandoned ghost towns along Highway 50 in the USA.

His entertaining account of his experiences there was accompanied by some valuable information about his methods of hand-tinting and digital manipulation of images.

Dave likes to produce his pictures in panels of three or more and his final set of colour images were of frost laden trees, subtly manipulated to stunningly beautiful effect.

Moving on to monochrome images, Dave first showed a series of prints of Paris by night. These darkly romantic street scenes captured the city so successfully that they have been much in demand for exhibitions.

A series of timed exposures of seascapes taken in North Devon set a completely different mood with misty water and peaceful skies while,back in Paris, Dave’s stark infra red pictures of modern buildings set a different tone again.

Finally we were shown a few of his superb monochrome portraits, taken with natural lighting.

The last two prints, one digital and one processed in the wet darkroom, demonstrated that there is still a quality difference between the two.

As a result, Dave is moving back to the latter method for his future work.

This was an entertaining and highly informative evening of excellent photography.