Alnwick and District Camera Club

Peter Talbot came to Alnwick and District Camera Club to give an illustrated talk on his ski touring expedition to Greenland in 2008.

Peter emphasised the sheer size and remoteness of Greenland, which is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. It is the world’s largest island with a tiny population living in coastal regions and an economy dependent on the fishing industry. Much of the country is largely unexplored, providing great opportunities for adventurous people such as Peter.

Because of its location, it is an expensive place to travel to and so Peter’s expedition group of four joined with two other small groups to share the costs.

Travelling first by charter plane from Reykjavik in Iceland to Constable Point on the east coast of Greenland, they then proceeded to the ice cap in the region of the Watkins Mountains by means of ski plane and helicopter.

Along the way, there were numerous delays due to poor weather and soft snow which bogged down the aircraft but eventually they reached their starting point among mountains so remote that many of them have never been climbed.

Pulling their own sledges, they covered distances of around 10 miles a day, detouring to climb mountains and avoid crevasses.

Peter’s photographs not only captured the spectacular landscape but also the day-to-day activities of the expedition members.

Peter concluded his talk with an appeal for the charity Prostate Cancer UK, a worthy cause close to his heart as his father had received successful treatment for the condition.

His lecture fee and the results of a collection on the night were donated to the charity.

The evening was completed by a fine gallery of prints by Pat Wood and Peter Downs.