Alnwick and District Camera Club

Alnwick and District Camera Club made a good start to the New Year with a lively projected digital image knockout competition.

Pictures were projected on the screen in pairs and the audience voted for their favourites by a show of hands until all but two winning pictures were eliminated.

As there was no set subject, the range of images both in colour and monochrome was wide with portraits and landscapes strongly represented.

The overall standard was particularly high, making selection of winners quite challenging for the audience members who rose to the occasion with their usual enthusiasm and good humour.

Monochrome pictures figured very strongly in this competition so it was not surprising when Paul Penman’s superb monochrome portrait of a man seated in a pub, Taking a Text, took first place. In contrast, the runner-up was John Thompson’s exceptionally vibrant colour picture of The Red Drummer Girl.

This week’s gallery was shared by Gerry Simpson and Peter Sutcliffe. Gerry’s excellent people pictures were taken in London, Edinburgh, York and Newcastle, all capturing the feeling of life on the city streets while Peter’s fine panel of largely still-life images was highly personal and thought-provoking.