Alnwick and District Camera Club

PHOTO GEMS: Members of Alnwick and District Camera Club were pleased to receive a visit from Richard Spiers from Carlisle to give an illustrated talk entitled Painting with Light.

Richard is president of the Northern Counties Photographic Federation.

Illustrated with a wide range of pictures, Richard’s presentation was peppered with gems of photographic advice and guidance, all delivered with a great sense of humour that made the evening not only instructive but entertaining.

Many of his most salient points were accompanied by ‘before and after’ pictures that graphically demonstrated the wisdom of his advice.

Although Richard embraces the use of digital photography, he prefers to do most of his work at the taking stage of photography rather than in digital manipulation afterwards.

He emphasised the importance of correct exposure and careful composition and demonstrated the use of colour with a range of amazing optical illusions to show how we react to different colour combinations.

He crowned his talk with two fine audio visual presentations, one a colourful celebration of the young women at Appleby Horse Fair and the other a stunning sequence of Lake District scenes.

The evening was completed by a fine gallery of prints presented by Ian Atkinson and Doug Ross.

Ian’s pictures of the people and buildings of Bhutan, show that this is clearly a photographer’s dream, while Doug’s fascinating abstracts entitled Just Rust did just what it said on the tin.