Alnwick and District Camera Club

WELCOME VISITOR: David Hall from Gateshead Camera Club is always a welcome visitor to Alnwick and District Camera Club and once again he enthralled members with his latest presentation.

David proudly announces that he is ‘non-digital’ but this is hardly an adequate description of his mastery of film and darkroom wizardry. Computers do not figure at any stage in his photography but the amazing range of his work defies description.

Starting off with some fairly conventional but superbly produced monochrome prints of Tyneside industrial scenery, David pointed out that he likes to work to themes and this was one of his favourites. Of course many of his pictures in this category now have a great historic as well as photographic interest.

Next followed a set of atmospheric pinhole camera images of moving water and then some impressive, selectively toned, prints of abandoned cars.

David said that he was not keen on taking people pictures but then demonstrated his mastery of portraiture with a very personal set of pictures of his late mother which captured the essence of old age in a loving and dignified manner.

After this followed an array of superb prints produced by a bewildering range of advanced darkroom techniques. Here is an example of someone who is using what some may consider outdated methods to create work that is at the cutting edge of photography. It is hardly surprising that his pictures are winning international plaudits in alternative photography categories.

This excellent presentation was delivered with an infectious warmth and good humour that gave club members an evening to remember.