Alnwick and District Camera Club

IT’S A KNOCKOUT: Members of Alnwick and District Camera Club were once again charged with the judging for their latest projected image knockout competition.

As usual in these competitions, images were shown in pairs with the audience voting for the best picture which then progressed to the next round. The final voting round selected four winning pictures.

There was a wide range of images to consider covering landscapes, people, flowers, animals, still life and many other subjects, both in colour and in monochrome. Members often found it challenging to choose between pictures, particularly when they were of very different subjects, or when they had to choose between colour and monochrome. Inevitably there were occasions where two excellent pictures were pitted against each other and tough decisions had to be made. Such evenings make one appreciate some of the problems that competition judges face.

When voting was completed, fourth place was awarded to Goldfinch, a fine natural history photograph by Kevin Murray, while third place went to Dave Dixon for Trig Point and Star Trails, a striking long exposure image of the night sky. Kevin Murray also took second place with Beth, a most attractive, colourful portrait taken from an unusual angle but first place went to Margaret Whittaker for Rundle View, an outstanding landscape which was a worthy winner.

The evening was completed by a fine gallery of monochrome prints by John Thompson. Entitled A Landscape Revisited, the images of water, rocks and coast around Dunstanburgh conjured up a stark but magnificent and very different picture of an area that is otherwise well known to us.