Alnwick and District Camera Club

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THREE OF THE BEST: David Phillips from Hartlepool was the judge for Alnwick and District Camera Club’s Set of Three competition which had been postponed from December when Alnwick was snowbound.

These competitions are for panels of three colour or monochrome prints.

As usual, David did a fine job of judging, talking with enthusiasm and good humour about individual prints and commenting on how they gelled as sets.

In the colour competition, Fur Seal by David Carter, Seed Heads by Peter Downs and Himba Women by Ian Atkinson were commended, while Hall One, The Sage by Gerry Simpson, New Equivalents by Alan Ainsworth and Goldilocks And … by Margaret Whittaker were all highly commended.

John Thompson’s fine trio of dynamic bicycle stunt pictures, Flying Bikes, took fourth place and Jane Coltman’s well composed images of hounds and hunt, A Hunting We Will Go, was awarded third place.

Geoffrey Bradford’s stunning close-up images of foliage, entitled Phormium, were in second place but first place went to Views from a Small Island, three outstandingly presented and evocative images of Lindisfarne by Michael Mundy.

In the smaller monochrome section, Tympana by Raymond Beston was commended and Trio by Richard Stent was highly commended. Fourth place went to three striking and iconic images entitled New York New York by Gordon Charlton, while a fine set of dramatic images of the Towers of Paris by John Thompson took third place.

Laine Baker’s characterful animal portraits, Three Wise Monkeys, were awarded second place but Jane Coltman’s well conceived and superbly printed set of images of the life cycle of a pigeon, entitled A Bird in the Hand was the winner of first place.