Alnwick and Amble arrests made in police raids

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POLICE have arrested 35 people and seized drugs and a host of stolen property in a county-wide month-long policing operation.

Operation Cranson was launched to target those involved with burglary and the illegal use and production of drugs and 56 warrants have been carried out at addresses in the Alnwick, Amble, Berwick, Bedlington, Ashington and Blyth areas.

Houses, sheds and garages were searched as part of the intelligence-led operation and thousands of pounds worth of illegal cannabis, MDMA, heroin and amphetamine were seized by officers.

A number of laptops, tools and electronic equipment believed to be stolen were also taken by police.

Of those arrested a number have been charged with offences, given police cautions and been remanded in custody.

Some suspects remain on bail pending further enquiries.

Chief Inspector Peter Reeve of Northumberland Area Command said: “Tackling illegal drugs remains a priority for officers in Northumberland.

“The crimes that are associated with drug taking are of equal concern. Those addicted to drugs steal and burgle to pay for their drugs and they are causing real problems for our communities.

“Burglars are scouring streets looking for easy opportunities to get inside homes and steal belongings. They are getting into houses through unlocked doors while the homeowners are in the garden or up stairs at the time.

“We found that during the month 55 per cent of all burglaries committed in Northumberland were to insecure properties – where the occupants had left doors and windows open.

“We will continue to keep reminding the people of Northumberland to lock their doors and windows in order to keep burglars out of their homes.”