Alnmouth WI, September meeting

Quite a good turnout at Alnmouth WI after our summer recess and lots of chat of course as to what went on with our lives during that time.

What was agreed among us was our lovely summer, one or two moans about the traffic we had to put up with but we survived it of course and now the children are back to school, it’s almost peace again in Alnmouth.

As Janis Crook, our president, was off on holiday, Yvonne Farmer, our vice, was in the chair. She started the meeting with a warm welcome to all members, including two members from our twin WI Why Aye , a prospective new member and a fellow WIer from Rugby holidaying in the village.

There was lots to cover, so with Caroline, our secretary’s help, they quickly went through the agenda mentioning the 100-year annual meeting at the Albert Hall next year and as it is Alnmouth’s turn to put up a delegate for this exciting event, names are being taken and there will be a draw for the lucky person to represent our group.

An idea was also put forward from Federation that the meeting be streamed at the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle but as it will be quite costly, a guaranteed committed number of members, enough to cover the costs etc, has to be made.

This was done by a show of hands and as it involves all the WIs in Northumberland, hopefully it will go ahead.

The issue of Lovers Walk is still ongoing and as the damage is not lessening, hopefully suitable repairs are done before it gets any worse before winter sets in.

Our speaker Sandra Dickinson, who had been patiently waiting during our meeting, after being introduced by Yvonne, and telling us a little of herself, began her talk Flowers from the Garden. What an evening she gave us both in her choice of flowers and in her presentation.

She appeared to use everything available in her garden, from flowers both in bloom and seed heads including, just to name a few, roses, dahlias, larkspur, sunflowers, hydrangeas and all number of ‘fillers-in,’ creating five wonderful arrangements, which five very lucky ladies won in the raffle.

Sandra, as well as being a top-notch arranger, entertained us throughout with her very amusing chat about her garden and family.

Yvonne thanked her on our behalf for showing us what can be done from our gardens. Members were fired with inspiration.

Our evening ended with the presentation of birthday flowers to Jenny Beck followed by a cup of tea accompanied by a selection of delicious cakes and scones made by the committee. It was certainly a good way to end a very good evening.

Our speaker next month will be Dominic Appleby and his subject is Newcastle Street Pastors.