Alnmouth WI, September meeting

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As Alnmouth WI’s president Haley was unable to get to the September meeting on time, because of pressure of work, Janis Crook, her vice, shared the top table with secretary Yvonne and started the meeting in the usual way, with a big welcome to visitors and guests.

Janis and Yvonne listed the many up-and-coming Federation events, including the 2013 AGM resolution action pack re tackling high street and town centre decline and the Hotspur Group meeting on October 16.

Edith Cummings was thanked for her commitment to the monthly book stall, the proceeds of which we send to Malkern’s WI in Swaziland to help their funding of blankets, etc, for child-headed households, the elderly and disadvantaged.

Janis drew the lucky birthday girls’ names – Jean Cullen for August and Barbara Emmerson for September. Each got a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Our speaker John Moreels began his talk, Nostalgic Views of the North, by telling us how it became possible.

In 1996 he became the owner of Ward Phillipson, an amalgamation of two of the oldest family-owned companies in Newcastle.

Ward’s was established in 1845 and is one of the oldest companies still existing and Phillipson, established in 1923, is also one of the earliest photographers, film processors and engravers in England.

In 1997, while restoring their premises in Blandford Square, they came across 450 boxes full of thousands of glass plates, original negatives and lantern slides most of which were of very old Newcastle and parts of Northumberland and these, with the help of Beamish Museum, were scanned and this was our visual aspect of Nostalgic Views of the North.

They were unbelievable because the early ones were creations of the artist and engraver and, without the artistic talents of the photographer of today, we would not have been able to see these wonderful images.

John is an extremely good speaker full of enthusiasm and humour and has put a lot of his time in collating these pictures enabling us to see them.

Pam Muggleton thanked John (and his wife who is his ‘roadie’) for a wonderful evening.

Two things Yvonne mentioned under any other business is a harvest tea we plan to have in the Hindmarsh Hall on Wednesday, October 30, from 2.30pm and the Spring Council Meeting next year, which is being held at the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle, the speaker’s subject being Powder, Paint and The Corset.