Alnmouth WI, October meeting

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BEST LAID PLANS: The best laid plans of mice and men never seem to work out, as originally Haley Hackett, Alnmouth WI vice president, was due to take our October meeting but due to family commitments, unfortunately, wasn’t able to do so.

However, Pam at the ready, was back in the chair again, ably assisted by Yvonne Farmer, our assistant secretary, who quickly read last month’s minutes going on to any other business reminding us all of up and coming events. Jan Straughan was also thanked for hosting a very successful coffee morning and our Scrabble winners Hilary Buckley and Lorna Ternent, who represented our WI in the Hotspur Challenge, were congratulated.

Interest groups are gradually getting sorted, Bridge and Family History have both had their first meetings, the Reading Group is just about set-up now and others in the pipe line will soon come to fruition. It’s a good way to spend those cold winter days.

Our trip to 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal is now finalised for November 3 and pick-up point is outside St John the Baptist Church in the village at 5.30pm.

As our speaker Eric Punak had been waiting throughout our various arrangements and discussions for quite a time with great patience, Pam brought the first half of the meeting to a close and introduced him. He started off by telling us of his introduction to the WI by way of a terrifying audition by a pretty formidable panel of WI ladies in the south east of England, to see whether he was a suitable speaker.

We are delighted to say he must have passed with a diploma as he gave us a wonderful evening, reciting prose based on his experience as a Drama/English teacher, Saga Holidays and marital advice – all delivered with tongue firmly placed in cheek.

Judy Woodford gave the vote of thanks on our behalf which was met with resounding applause.

After being entertained by Eric, Celia Collinson had something else in store for us, while the kettle was boiling, in the form of a Limerick beginning with ‘There was an old lady’. Each table worked as a team and some pretty good results came about, but the winner, chosen by our entertainer Eric was: ‘There was an old lady from Wall, who went to a masquerade ball, she found a glass slipper, turned into a stripper, and performed at the Hindmarsh Hall’.

Another good night ended with a fantastic pooled supper. Its members’ night in November, when in-house workshops take place, so that should be interesting.