Alnmouth WI, November meeting

It was good to see the room so full at the November meeting of Alnmouth WI.

Janis gave a very warm welcome to all members and, as we had such a full agenda, got right into all matters arising from the minutes and forthcoming events.

The food bank was first on the agenda, as, regretfully, it has become so important in our society today.

They are desperate for more food donations as it is so very heavily used. Our village church is one of the locations to leave food anyone can spare, open every day from 10am to 4.30pm, and the Salvation Army is another. Hard to believe isn’t it, in this day and age?

On a lighter note, names were taken for who were interested in going to a pottery painting evening on November 18.

Moving to 2015, the WI’s 100th birthday, there is to be a live screening at the Tyneside Theatre of the national annual meeting in the Albert Hall on June 4.

Various other items were raised including the most important one, our Christmas party, which will be on December 1. It will be the usual in-house catering team, everyone to bring their own place setting, including a glass, some liquid to put in it and a gift to the value of £5 – and of course wear a little bling!

Business finished, Janis handed over the meeting to Celia, our brilliant programme secretary.

The theme of the evening was Getting to Know You which actually started at our October meeting by a questionnaire as a forerunner to our November meeting.

We were asked what we thought was the most important reason we enjoyed Alnmouth and surprisingly it wasn’t the fantastic views, walks, beaches, etc. although of course they are all very much loved, it was the friendliness of the villagers. That was the overall comment throughout the questionnaire.

Celia began Getting to Know You by introducing four long-time WI members, followed by four more recent members, each one giving a four-minute talk of the reason they came to the village.

The long-time members were Caroline Martin, Esme Forster, Barbara Naylor (previously Hopper) and Joan Davidson, the more recent arrivals being Carol Knowles, Barbara Galbraith, Jenny Beck and Yvonne Farmer.

It was fascinating hearing the stories of each member and, apart from Caroline who was the only one born in Alnmouth, everyone came from very different parts of the globe. What they did have in common was that it was a good move, for whatever reason, that made them decide on Alnmouth.

Part of the evening was also Celia taking a ball-park figure of where most of our members hailed from and it seems all over but mostly from the North East.

Celia had then arranged various workshops which consisted of making Christmas table arrangements, jewellery, rag rugging, cards and how to make a hat suit you. Our respective tutors were Margaret Mayfield, Mary Hollins, Laraine Jobson and Janis Crook , Caroline Martin and Sue Ellis of Seasons. We all enjoyed making them and appreciated our in-house tutors very much for their efforts.

A big thank-you also goes to Celia for organising this evening for us, as it was a pretty good one.

A pooled supper was then on the table which we were more than ready for so we tucked in and wended our way home.

Our next meeting of course is our WI Christmas party which we are looking forward to, so a very peaceful Christmas to everyone and all the best for 2015.