Alnmouth WI, November meeting

Members of Alnmouth WI were welcomed very warmly by Haley to our members’ night which, apart from knowing we had to make a cracker for our forthcoming Christmas party, was a mystery.

Celia Collinson, our programme secretary, quickly changed that by explaining the reason we filled in a questionnaire at our previous meeting.

Celia had actually collated our answers to give us a view of ourselves, such as what we like to do, favourite holiday destination, where we shop, favourite recipe and what cleaner we use.

Out of the favourite recipe question she chose six members to create their choice so everyone could have a taste and this was their choice: Starters: 1 Smoked salmon pate; 2 Easiest ever canapés, Pam Muggleton. Main course: 1 Parmesan oven-fried chicken served in a cream sauce, Barbara Naylor; 2 Freshly-caught fish chowder, Sue Ellis. Dessert: 1 Boiled fruit cake, Martha Soppit; 2 Mini lemon meringue pies, Joan Davidson.

So the result of the questionnaire as to how we view ourselves is we are a friendly, chatty bunch who clean our houses with Domestos!

Also on the agenda were two of our creative members, Jill Bourne and Caroline Martin, demonstrating how to make Christmas bags out of any type of paper as long as it wasn’t too thin such as wallpaper, brown wrapping paper, etc. They did exactly that, creating a bag from brown paper and ribbons which was beautiful, certainly good enough to put your favourite person’s present in.

While the members were involved in making their crackers, the tasters of the above food were set out which we were all eagerly waiting to sample and I don’t think anyone would go home hungry as it was all delicious.

It was indeed a great night and Haley thanked Celia for the amazing effort she put into organising it.

Lists were put around for helpers for catering our Christmas buffet with a reminder to all members not to forget to bring their own place setting, complete with glass (if needed). The evening ended with Margaret Stephenson being presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers as she was the November birthday girl.

As this will be our last report in 2013, we at Alnmouth WI would like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas.