Alnmouth WI, Meeting

View of clouds over Church Hill in Alnmouth.
Picture by Jane ColtmanView of clouds over Church Hill in Alnmouth.
Picture by Jane Coltman
View of clouds over Church Hill in Alnmouth. Picture by Jane Coltman
Another year just slipped by, but we have a lot to look forward to as it is 100 years since our WI was formed by the formidable Ann Scholefield, who lived in Lint Close at the top of the village, now home to The Friary of St Francis.

A lot has happed nationally, as well as locally, and many changes have occurred, but the ladies of the WI are still making their presence felt.

We finished 2017 with a wonderful night, starting with a delicious buffet prepared by our ‘in-house caterers’, then being entertained by the great group Misspent Yuke, all 15 of them, each one an individual talent, sometimes performing together, sometimes singly or in smaller groups; whatever they did was excellent.

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Members were on the floor ‘boogieing’, followed by Auld Lang Syne – not sure if the ladies of 1918 would have approved, but we enjoyed it.

Into January, our Members’ Evening consisted of five workshops – hand-held posy, making a centenary card, a bouquet from the garden, making an orange liqueur (WI recipe) and lastly, pilates.

Before starting in groups, Pam, our secretary, went through the five resolutions, which we voted on. They are detailed in our national magazine WI Life and on the WI website.

We also had a quiz –our programme secretary Celia was keeping us on our toes – before sorting where our chosen workshops were situated. Our member tutors were Ann Hobbis and Margaret Mayfield, Caroline Martin, Judith Williams and Ethel Cook, Judi Hill, and Jean Humphrys.

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It was a busy night, but a very enjoyable one. Many thanks to members who organised it and our tutors, of course.

Janis and Pam did manage to get a bit of ‘business’ in, especially about our forthcoming centenary celebrations.

All members must have tickets for our next two March meetings. On March 5, our speakers are rather special as we have booked The History Wardrobe, which will take us through the ages of Alnmouth WI, a very momentous time for women because we got the vote.

The second event will be our 100th birthday celebrations on March 16. Our entertainers will be The White Gardenias.

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Both events are for members only so it is imperative that everyone has a ticket because we have a number of guests invited from the federation and The Hotspur Group so space is at a premium.

The January birthday girl was Carol Knowles, who was presented with a bouquet.

The busy meeting ended with a welcome cup of tea and cheese and biscuits.

Our speaker for February is Stoker Frater, on Who Says There Is No Money In Farming? The competition is for home-made biscuits.

A Happy New Year to everyone and keep warm.