Alnmouth WI, meeting


We certainly had an amazing turnout for Members Night, especially as Alnmouth was cloaked in a Brigadoon-type fog – one of the few down sides of being so close to the North Sea.

After welcoming all our members and visitors, Janis started our evening with some very sad news, announcing that one of our members, Anne Maclean passed away, after a long struggle with cancer. She will be much missed and we send our condolences to her family.

Janis reminded members that last night was their last chance to add their names to the Denman Bursary draw which will take place at our Christmas party.

Happily we are able to give a donation to the Hindmarsh Hall’s floor fund and also Swaziland WI, which helps with the running of their school as a result of our recent fund-raising, and finally, a reminder of our own Christmas party which we hold in place of our December meeting.

Celia, who was more than ready to start proceedings, began by explaining what our Members Night, is about, how we feel about the WI and what we get out of it.

The ‘below stairs girls’, of course, were beavering away serving traditional WI teas making it all in all an excellent day.

Celia then went on to give us answers to a questionnaire she put out at the last meeting, asking what is important to us and what is important to the village, plus how we feel in general about the WI, putting them in order of popularity by a points system.

The highest points were general health, well-being, good friends, happiness and family and the most important organisation, in our members’ opinion are, guess what, the WI and Hindmarsh Hall. The latter, of course, is where we all meet at the various activities that go on in the village.

Activities being already set up the next phase began, which was in the form of varied workshops eg, art, craft, jewellery, fashion and would you believe it, cocktails.

It was excellent, everyone enjoyed their chosen workshop and of course the noise increased, depending on the chosen ‘instruction’.

Many thanks go to our organisers. We all appreciated their efforts, it was quite a night.

We finished the evening with mince pies and mulled wine just to start us off in the Christmas spirit and as our Christmas party is next month and no meeting, of course, we would all, from Alnmouth WI like to wish you a peaceful, healthy Christmas and a happy New Year.