Alnmouth WI, May meeting


Buzzing about talk

This was the first meeting of Alnmouth WI with our new committee in place. There were not many changes, but as Yvonne, our secretary, was unable to attend, Pam Muggleton, in her new role as assistant secretary, helped president Janis to go through the usual formalities.

A copy of last month’s minutes was on each table to keep us up to date with ‘matters arising’, such as an update of the fashion show, which was held at Seasons and was very enjoyable, the fund-raising for our WI fund, and payment to Pam for the theatre trip.

Caroline went through federation events, followed by a reminder of our annual outing to Beamish Museum in August.

Last, but far from least, we have been asked by the village parish council to do refreshments at the Party in the Park for the Queen’s 90th birthday on Sunday, June 12. Volunteer bakers and helpers needed.

A request was put to the floor for a ‘resident photographer’ so that we may have a record of our goings on, especially with regard to keeping our new website updated.

We thought we may try out the Spirit Bus for an informal outing to our beautiful Coquet Valley now that summer is on its way, probably in June.

Another issue discussed was the problem of the X18 no longer running a service from Alnmouth village to the train station during the day, which we brought up with our MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan. Having had a reply from her, we hope she can help us in reinstating this valuable service as it was well used, especially during the summer by visitors to the village travelling by train and leaving their car behind, a great advantage given our parking problem.

We had noticed a lady walking through the door with some big boxes, which looked a bit like a beehive, and that is exactly what it was as our speaker was Sandra Carrott, a member of Alnwick Beekeepers’ Society, and her subject was Fantastic Facts about Bees and Beekeeping.

Sandra gave us a wonderful talk and it is pretty obvious that she is very passionate about her bees. She took us through the history of her subject. Bees have been around for a long time, honey having been found in a pharaoh’s tomb, and they still produce honey in the same way.

The queen bee is still the centre of their universe and is highly protected by the drones, but each layer of bees in the hive has a job to do, such as collecting pollen, cleaning, feeding the baby bees and producing honey, which apart from being delicious on our toast, has multiple uses and has been used for centuries as a great healer.

I can’t really do justice to Sandra’s talk as it was so good. Her knowledge of her bees is phenomenal and it was certainly an eye-opener for most of us.

Sue Ellis thanked her for an excellent talk, both humorous and fascinating.

We finished our evening with the presentation of birthday flowers to Judy Woodford and the usual cup of tea. This month there were some delicious honey buns made by Michelle Irving (nee Hume), a member of our committee.

Next month our speaker, who will give a talk regarding the production and uses of cider, is Chris Harrison, coming all the way from Dumfries and Galloway.