Alnmouth WI, May meeting

Some of Diane Stewardson's seaglass jewellery.
Some of Diane Stewardson's seaglass jewellery.

Janis Cook, Alnmouth WI’s re-elected president, welcomed members to the May meeting, the first of the new committee, whose positions and duties she quickly went through, covering all requirements for the coming year.

The new programme, was also distributed – 2016 indeed looks very interesting.

Yvonne, our secretary, then took over, going through all correspondence, invitations and up-and-coming events, reminding us that payments have to be made for our outing to Bowes Museum and also the Theatre Royal, including seeing the National WI Annual Meeting live at the Albert Hall as it is happening, streamed into the Pilgrim Street News Theatre in Newcastle, which although not quite the atmosphere of the Albert Hall, we are looking forward to sharing with other WIs from all over Northumberland.

One of the other events coming up in June is the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and our representative, who is Judi Hill, is going under strict instruction to miss nothing while there as we want to hear all about it, particularly what they are wearing, of course.

The same applies to Janis, our president, who is our delegate at the Albert Hall, and as it is the NFWI’s 100-year anniversary, there will be certainly be a lot to take in on that very special day.

Our speaker, Diane Stewardson, who had been patiently waiting for a while, was then introduced by Janis, her subject being seaglass jewellery.

Her talk started with a brief history of the glass used and also where it came from, which was very interesting, as we discovered most of it was actually from rubbish from both ships and local glass works, the sea and sand gradually breaking it down into various shapes and colours over many years.

Her pick-up point being of course a rather back breaking walk along various local beaches looking for bits of glass suitable to her needs.

The jewellery is beautiful and very delicate, including tiny earrings, pendants and very unusual shaped pieces of glass made into necklaces wired onto silver. Diane was a good speaker, going into great detail of how she creates these small masterpieces. Actually, I believe you will be able to see her work at the Alnmouth Art Festival and it is well worth a browse.

Janis thanked Diane on our behalf and also announced the winners of this month’s competition, a piece of antique jewellery, who were president Janis Cook, assistant treasurer Jean Cullen and secretary Yvonne Farmer.

Our June speaker is Dr Chris Harrison, her subject being a hands-on demonstration of papermaking.