Alnmouth WI, January meeting

It was pretty unanimous among members of Alnmouth WI that although Christmas and New Year celebrations were great it was wonderful just to get back to normal, maybe not quite in size, but certainly in spirit and the catch-up chat was certainly proof of that judging by president Haley’s rigorous ringing of the WI bell.

Our first meeting of 2013 started by Haley welcoming everyone and wishing all a very happy New Year after which Yvonne, our secretary, read the previous month’s minutes, which of course was our party night and a good one it was too.

Haley thanked everyone involved in the catering and making the Hindmarsh Hall so festive and all who contributed to a great night.

Haley started us off on the right path for the festivities, as it was the same weekend Val McDermid switched on the village Christmas lights.

Back to our regular activities as Haley went through various up-and-coming events including our annual Winter Warmer which will be on Tuesday, February 5.

It will follow our usual form of warming soup followed by delicious crumbles at the very reasonable cost of £5 – all homemade of course – from noon to 2pm. All are very welcome.

There were many more activities which Yvonne had posted on our noticeboard for members to consider and discuss and as it is also the time to pay our subs.

Sue Ellis, our treasurer, was all organised to relieve us of the £33 due for another year.

As our speaker was patiently waiting, Haley quickly went through the December and January birthdays and the lucky members were Kathleen Mccaughey for December and Diane Lilly for January. Both received a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Alan Hopewell was our speaker for the evening and his subject was Allergies and General Health.

It was amazing what he told us healthwise, principally we are what we eat. To discover how much intake of sugar we consume in a year was quite a shock – that certainly quietened us down a little.

He talked about various problems, giving suggestions of what to eat to overcome them, lots of green vegetables of course and various seeds to ‘keep us regular’ and also plenty of exercise, walking and boxing being good.

Various allergies were discussed and the causes of them, some members being particularly interested in how they should handle their particular allergy.

Judi Hill thanked him on our behalf for a very interesting discussion and as by then the kettle was boiled, we had our usual cup of tea with very small cakes as, of course, we are now cutting down on our sugar intake.

Our February meeting’s speaker will be Alan Graham and he will be telling us about the Secret Diary of a Jesmond Lady.