Alnmouth WI, January meeting

SAD NEWS: Alnmouth WI’s first meeting of 2012 had an excellent turnout with a good proportion of our members braving the dark night to attend and as, of course, everyone had a lot of catching up to do the chat was good.

However, Pam managed to get everyone’s attention with her usual industrious ringing of the bell and welcomed everyone wishing all a Happy New Year and mentioning the sad passing away of Edith Steel, a very long-standing and active member of our WI.

After the reading of the minutes, Caroline Martin, after consulting the rota, gave the good news to the ‘lucky’ tea ladies of the evening and Pam started the meeting by going through matters arising.

Of course, first on the agenda was the Christmas party, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, then, not so popular, reminding everyone that Jill Bourne, our treasurer, was sitting patiently waiting to receive 2012s subs.

Reminders were also given regarding the Denman visit as the closing date was fast approaching, as was the submission of a photograph taken by a member for the 2013 calendar. Other events and places to go were posted on the notice board to be looked at later, including a list for Calamity Jane at the Tyne Theatre, Newcastle.

As our speaker for the evening, Gill Hambleton, from Northumberland Theatre Company, had now arrived and set up her fantastic posters of the many plays so many of us have been so lucky to have seen in the very hall we were sitting in, we looked forward to her talk with great anticipation and she certainly didn’t let us down.

Although we were very much aware of the difficulty they are experiencing in funding, it was a shock to hear how near we are to losing this wonderful facility which is right on our doorstep.

They are still endeavouring to get financial help after being excluded from the last round of fund allocations so hopefully they will succeed.

Putting aside their problems for a little while, Gill then entertained us with cameos of various characters, (She popped a top hat on and she was a very convincing ‘Quilp’ took it off and she was ‘ Little Nell’) stories and adventures they participate in during their tours which involve travelling from the far reaches of Scotland down to the south of England, taking all their props, costumes etc. with them.

We were enthralled, definitely an excellent night.

The December and January birthday girls were Judi Hill, the former, and Jill Bourne, the latter, and both received a little posy of flowers.

The soup and crumble were delicious and perfect for a cold January lunch - everyone tucked in, even the odd husband turned up.