Alnmouth WI goes burlesque

Members of Alnmouth WI try their hand at burlesque.
Members of Alnmouth WI try their hand at burlesque.

President Haley and secretary Yvonne gave a big welcome to all members of Alnmouth WI who, because of the theme of the evening, were looking very colourful, wearing quite an array of bright accessories.

They quickly went through matters arising, mentioning how enjoyable our Newcastle theatre trip had been, the imminent Hotspur Group meeting hosted by Alnwick WI, our own Denman Bursary available to interested members and details of our November meeting, a members’ evening, which sounds very interesting.

Yvonne also mentioned our harvest afternoon tea which is on Wednesday, October 30, from 2.30pm, asking for expert bakers and helpers.

To support the national WI High Street campaign, our village shops have very kindly offered a discount to all WI members in their shops that day.

We have had a thank-you letter from Swaziland WI thanking us for our cheque, the proceeds of the book stall, which will go towards Christmas meal hampers for the elderly and child-headed families.

As it is sent directly to them, we know every penny will be used for this purpose.

Haley presented Barbara Naylor, our October birthday girl with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, after which Kristi Lennon introduced her subject for the evening, A Burlesque Workshop – hence the colourful accessories.

We were asked to bring along long gloves and a fan.

We were shown how to shimmy, stand in an alluring way (given our various age, shapes and size, that was a laugh), peel off our long gloves and make various ‘interesting’ facial expressions.

Not sure if any of us could go further than the Hindmarsh Hall with our tuition but it was an excellent evening.

Vice-president Janice Crook thanked Kristi on our behalf.