Alnmouth WI, April meeting

Alnmouth WI had a very good turn-out for the annual meeting and as we had an excellent WI adviser in charge of the whole procedure it went very smoothly indeed.

Before proceeding however, Haley welcomed everyone, last month’s minutes were read out by Yvonne, followed by mention of various up-and-coming events, both Federation and our own, after which Haley introduced our WIA Marjorie Read, who then took over the meeting.

She started it all by telling us this was the first annual meeting where she was officiating – her description was ‘I am a virgin WIA’ – which set the scene for the evening and the ‘dreaded’ annual meeting turned into a pretty good one.

After Marjorie’s introduction, the financial statement was adopted, Yvonne gave the committee’s annual report, reminding us of the busy year we have just had, and Haley rounded off with her summary of how healthy we were financially and the varied and enjoyable meetings we have had.

The next phase of the meeting was the election of a new president so after all members voted their choice by secret ballot, Haley Hackett was the favourite. Haley agreed to stand for another year.

Then members willing to form a new committee were asked to stand and were formally accepted.

Marjorie gave us an excellent talk regarding how she foresees the WI. going in the future and while there are occasionally some wobbly bits as a whole, it is still a very strong organisation embracing technology but still keeping the traditional WI values alive.

Pam Muggleton thanked Marjorie for her help and inspiration on behalf of us all and the evening closed with our usual catch-up washed down with an excellent cup of tea and tit bits.

Our next month’s meeting will be on Monday, May 13, and the subject will be Emily Davison and the Suffragettes.