Alnmouth WI, April meeting

SAD NEWS: Before starting the annual meeting, Pam, our president, brought to our attention the sad loss of one of our members, Jan Quinn, who fought a long and brave battle against cancer.

She was a recent recruit to our WI but she was a very enthusiastic member, and will be much missed. Pam sent condolences to her daughter, who lives in London, on our behalf.

The minutes were read by Jean and business was quickly gone through by Pam, thanking members who were involved in Question Time for all their hard work, enabling the sum of £350, to be raised for the Great North Air Ambulance.

Just in case we think we can sit back and forget about creating, we were asked to bear in mind the walk and afternoon tea we put up for the Federation auction which was successfully bid for by Southridge WI, Whitley Bay, which will take place in the Old Chapel, Alnmouth, on May 5. (We’ve been evicted from the Hindmarsh Hall, because of the Referendum Poll).

Pat Tulip, then gave us an excellent report of the spring council meeting, which was held at Hexham.

We then moved on to the annual meeting, when excellent reports were presented by our officers and it was good to hear we were in the ‘black’ with a healthy number of active members.

The present officers and committee then stood down and Hazel Shell of Alnwick Central WI very efficiently supervised the mystery of electing a new president and confirming that everyone was willing to stand as shown on the list of candidates for committee.

Pam Muggleton’s name was put forward to return to her position as president, so much to our delight she agreed, with a proviso that this will be her last year in the role.

Caroline Martin then thanked Hazel for her help this evening and Sarah Murphy thanked committee from the floor.

Before supper, a questionnaire was distributed among members to assist in the planning of an enjoyable and relevant programme of our WI covering a wide range of subjects both as a programme and individual groups in addition to the monthly meetings, and there was certainly much discussion going on so hopefully lots of inspiration for the future will come about.

Our birthday girl this month was Pam Muggleton who together with Isabel Chalmers the month before, celebrated a very special birthday.

Our busy evening finished off with a delicious supper of homemade mince pie and peas, for which we were more than ready.