Alncom helping to connect businesses and communities

Alncom staff at the company's new premises.Alncom staff at the company's new premises.
Alncom staff at the company's new premises.
Alnwick businessman Stephen Pinchen is on the verge of realising his dream of providing superfast wireless broadband to thousands of rural Northumberland homes.

Stephen’s love of technology started as young as he can remember, but he started working at Alnwick Computerware in the early 1990s, eventually taking over the business in 2001.

At that stage, games and consoles were the biggest market, but Stephen realised the business needed to diversify and in 2005 Alnwick Computerware shifted its focus to providing internet to businesses, as well as providing IT office support.

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Over the years, Stephen has been relentless in finding solutions for businesses and personal customers who struggle to get a broadband connection, regardless of location.

He has successfully provided superfast wireless broadband to a number of renowned North East businesses, such as Matfen Estates and Northumbria Water and to many rural communities who previously didn’t have any broadband at all.

For some, this has proved to be a vital lifeline.

Alncom, as the company is now called, had its first success in providing fast broadband to a remote client in 2012.

Stephen said: “The technology was new and unproven at the speeds we needed, but we sorted it.

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“We realised that this was something we could rollout to many, many people and businesses with the same connectivity issues.

“Here we are, a few years later, as a world leader in this field, with access to solutions and technology that allows us not only to deliver superfast broadband to some of the hardest to reach places in the world but the experience to also fully support it.”

Determined to follow his dream, Alncom has just taken premises at Cawledge Business Park, in Alnwick, and closed its computer hardware shop in the town centre to allow the business to expand.

Alncom is currently upgrading and installing new wireless broadband technology targeted at specific community areas where the larger telecoms companies are not able to provide a solution.

For more information, visit or call 01665 604816.