Alexa reaches for the skies

A dream came true for Alexa Nisbet, as a thank-you for her tireless charity work.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 08 June, 2018, 13:00
Alexa Nisbet with the Lancaster bomber.

Supporters of her charity, Alexa’s Animals , secretly raised money to pay for a treat to mark the 25th anniversary of her rescuing dogs.

The treat was to taxi in a Lancaster bomber, as she has always been fascinated by wartime aircraft.

Alexa Nisbet in the cockpit of the Lancaster bomber.

Alexa said: “It was an experience out of this world. A metal shell, cramped beyond belief, icy cold and those brave men taking off every night facing death – often 11-hour shifts, done to keep us safe. If they had not, there would be no rescue centres. I shall never forget hurtling along the runway sitting in the gunner’s seat, hearing the roar of its four Merlin engines. Thank you so much.”

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Alexa’s Animals has helped to re-home more than 1,600 dogs and puppies.

In 2001, Alexa’s invaluable work was recognised when she was awarded an MBE.

She is now helped by a small band of volunteers.

The rescue centre is based a few miles north of Alnwick.