Alan puts the focus on myth-busting research

Alan Fentiman's documentary.
Alan Fentiman's documentary.

A charity that aims to dispel the myth that people from lower socio-economic backgrounds are destined to achieve less in life chose a Northumberland filmmaker to create a documentary highlighting its research.

Alan Fentiman, from Alnwick, who has previously worked with the BBC, Channel 4 and Tate Modern, made the documentary as part of a three-stage project produced by not-for-profit charity Keyfund and funded by social investor Nominet Trust.

It explores the journey of four young people who have embarked on past Keyfund projects to achieve their dreams and asks Lord Shipley OBE and Dr Kate Hefferon, from the University of East London, for their views on ambition and how to achieve success.

Alan said: “It’s been a privilege to work with Keyfund and create such an inspiring documentary. I’m proud to play my part in raising awareness of this issue and to help young people along the way to achieve their aspirations.”

The documentary asks viewers to complete a short survey before and after watching to reveal whether or not their perceptions have been changed by the film.

Hannah Underwood, CEO of Keyfund, said: “Ambition Lab is exploring what ingredients are needed for young people to achieve their ambitions and solve their own challenges. The documentary shares our findings with the world to provoke thought and action.

“Alan Fentiman is a fantastic filmmaker and we’re very lucky to have him work alongside us on this project. He’s renowned for his high quality work, having recently completed a project for the Channel 4 Random Act strands, and he’s really captured what the Ambition Lab project is all about.”

You can watch the film and take the survey on the blog: