Alan Castle: They look good, but what a noise!

Residents and workers in Alnwick, who were in the town on Tuesday afternoon, will have heard a great deal of noise.

A quick peek out of the window of Casa Castle revealed that there were a variety of vintage sports cars passing through the town centre.

If anyone was wondering who they were and what they were doing, I can tell you that around 100 or so cars were taking part in an international Bugatti rally this week, primarily in the Scottish Borders.

On Tuesday, the cars headed down from Peebles to Alnwick before heading back across the border the same day.

The cars did look fantastic, especially when a string of four or five came through, but, my word, the noise!

Some may despair of the hustle and bustle of modern-day life in which TVs, computers, mobile phones and iPads all blare and flash 24 hours a day.

But as yesterday’s rally of roadsters proved, the noise wasn’t of a better vintage, even if the cars are now.

Many looked on enviously as the seemingly-carefree motorists passed through on a beautiful, sunny June day.

But my first thought was, thank heavens for the technology that has been put into cars, especially over the last 25 years or so.

Call me a reverse Luddite if you will, but give me the gentle hum and lack of wind noise in the pleasant cocoon of a new hatchback than the open-to-the-elements, thundering sports car of yesteryear.

It may have seemed appealing in the dry and relatively hot afternoon on Tuesday, but what do you do on a cold, dank and drizzly Sunday in February?

However, an even-more vintage vehicle, also spotted in Alnwick on Tuesday afternoon, seems to solve both problems.

A man came past with a caravan and two horses, which certainly solves the noise problem if you don’t mind the gentle clip-clop of hooves and the occasional neigh.

Plus the gentleman driving it was also able to enjoy being outside in the sunshine, but had some protection from the elements if the weather turned.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure Mrs C would allow me to trade in her Ford Fiesta for a vintage car, never mind a cart!