ALAN CASTLE: Shattered glass ruins park visit

The Park on Swansfield Park Road, Alnwick.
The Park on Swansfield Park Road, Alnwick.
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What is it that makes people ruin something for others? At the weekend, the Castle family decided a trip to the park was in order.

The sun was shining and while there was a definite nip in the air, it felt like spring could be on its way.

As we trundled down, dog in tow, all wrapped up, we were looking forward to a nice walk, and for the young ones to play around and burn off some energy. So imagine our horror when we saw that the children’s play area was peppered with broken glass.

The venue in question is The Park on Swansfield Park Road.

The fragments looked to us like broken bottles, evidence possibly of youths drinking there in the evenings.

It is known that young people like to ‘hang out’ there at night-time, often making excessive noise.

But why do they feel the need to spoil it for others?

The youngsters we took along were not happy that they couldn’t play around in there. But we were not going to risk them swallowing or cutting their hands open on glass.

The park was created as part of a section 106 agreement with Charles Church, the developers of Park View estate, off Wagonway Road. A resulting endowment fund for the park’s upkeep is currently being passed from the county council to the town council as part of the general transfer of powers and services. So, who is responsible for this area in the hiatus?

Nowadays, all too often, the park seems to be left to rack and ruin, and that just isn’t fair. The Gazette has reported in the past that the play area gets a bit of a battering, but it is one of only a few in the area for youngsters to enjoy.

Why should a group of older kids, who shouldn’t actually be in the play area, cause problems for the little ones who just want to have a bit of fun and a play on the swings?

I’m saying older kids, but we don’t know exactly who it is.

The equipment at the park is great, it caters for all ages, but it’s not so good if you can’t let your child go on the slide or run around because of the fear that they might end up covered in glass.

Whoever it was, let’s hope they think about others next time they are there.