ALAN CASTLE: Bag it and bin it - it’s not difficult

Discarded bog-poo bags in Percy Terrace, Alnwick, next to the access path to the allotments.
Discarded bog-poo bags in Percy Terrace, Alnwick, next to the access path to the allotments.
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I know I have complained about this in the past but the amount of dog poo on the streets is really starting to annoy me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-dogs, far from it, I love them. But I don’t love stepping in dog muck because an idle owner can’t be bothered to pick up after their pooch.

What frustrates me even more is when I see bags of poo lying in the street or on fences, walls and trees.

Dog owners have clearly gone to the effort of picking it up, so why not dispose of it?

There are plenty of bins around and there have been umpteen reports in the press that dog waste can be put in any waste bin.

There really is no excuse.

As you can guess, I was already annoyed, but the icing on the cake came this week.

I was walking with a friend who happened to be pushing a pram.

As the autumn is setting in, there were plenty of leaves on the ground and not being able to avoid them we walked, and pushed the pram, through them.

So what did we notice soon after?

A load of leaves stuck to the wheels held there with – yes, you guessed it – dog poo.

Well you can imagine my disgust. It seems that the mess is everywhere again.

Walking into Alnwick one day, I counted nine different piles, in various states of decay.

One of those had clearly been trodden in and left a lovely trail of poo, in the shape of boot prints, from Iceland to the Co-op. I wouldn’t have liked to be that person when I got home.

And at Alnwick Food Festival at the weekend, which was packed out with visitors and celebrity chefs, someone had left their dog’s mess on the cobbles in the Market Place.

It is unacceptable and people need to be held to account.

Where are the dog wardens? Surely they should be out on the streets at prime dog-walking times issuing fines to the offending owners?

Maybe the owners who don’t pick up would like to clean people’s shoes and pram wheels when they are covered in poo.

It is time for people to take a little bit of responsibility. What message does it send out if our town’s streets are covered in dog poo?