Aidan’s fun in the sun on first ever holiday abroad

Aidan with mum Vikki, brother Daniel and father Karl.
Aidan with mum Vikki, brother Daniel and father Karl.

Relaxing in the sunshine and floating in the pool, little Aidan Jackowiak Smith clearly enjoyed his first holiday abroad.

And quite right too. This brave three-year-old – not to mention his devoted parents and older brother – certainly deserved a treat.

Aidan in the pool.

Aidan in the pool.

The tot, who has the rare medical condition Cloves Syndrome, with swelling to his face and body, has been through so much already in his short life, including lengthy surgery. So the family trip to the Greek Island of Zante, which was paid for by his grandad, Alan Jackowiak, provided just the tonic.

Aidan’s father, Karl Smith, said: “He loved every second. Aidan really loved the water and he enjoyed the sun.

“The pool also helped his skin, clearing some of the brownness away from his face and neck, which is caused by his condition.

“We don’t know whether that was because of the chlorine or the temperature of the pool.”

Aidan’s mother, Vikki Jackowiak, and his older brother, Daniel, were part of the holiday party.

It made up for the disappointment of two years ago, when the youngster and his family were set to go abroad, but had to cancel their plans because of last-minute complications with Aidan’s health.

And it was touch and go this time round. Aidan took ill shortly before the trip and was only given the okay the day before the flight.

Karl said: “He had trouble with his breathing and he had a bit of a wheeze. It was touch and go, but we were given the all clear. He wasn’t 100 per cent for the first couple of days while we were away, but once he got rid of the cough, he really enjoyed it.”