AID: Charity should begin at home

We have recently been bombarded in news bulletins with the fact that the NHS is at breaking point.

Elderly people are accused of “bed-blocking” – they are recovered from whatever ailment took them into hospital, but there is nowhere for them to go, or no one to look after them if they go home. There is a shortage of care home places, which could help to relieve the problem.

Then we read that Britain is to give aid to India, China and Mexico for the care of their elderly.

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It is totally unacceptable that we should give any sort of aid to countries that have a space programme and growing economies. We have trade and historic links with India and China, but what links have we with Mexico, and why should the British taxpayer pick up the bill for its elderly care if we can’t care for our own?

The same week we read about reported fraud involving British Foreign Aid amounting to £3.2million over a 12 month period to April 2016. Where has this money gone? And what checks are made to ensure it goes to the correct recipients?

Will there be any guarantees that the money being sent to India, China and Mexico will benefit the elderly citizens of those countries?

Perhaps it would be better to go along with the old saying “charity begins at home”.

Michael and Margaret Weatheritt,