Advertorial: The Ford Ranger: a history of innovation

The new Ford Ranger has received the prestigious International Pick-Up Award 2013, making it the third major award that Ford has won in 2012. The American car maker also won the International Van of the Year 2013 award for the Transit Custom and the 2012 International Engine of the Year for the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine.

So what makes Ford vehicles so appealing, despite the fact that they’ve been around for more than one-hundred years?

Ford’s history of iconic designs

The Ford Ranger and the Transit Custom are just the latest vehicles in a long line of excellent designs dating right back to some of the company’s earliest models.

After Ford was founded in 1903, it did not take long for it to make its mark on the world when it released the Model T Ford in 1908. This was the first mass-produced car that took advantage of new techniques including assembly lines with the result that the famous Tin Lizzie became the world’s first truly affordable car.

This was followed by the Model A in 1930, which was the first car to come with safety glass in the windshield. After this, Ford continued to maintain its reputation for iconic designs by releasing the Ford Thunderbird, or T-Bird as it’s sometimes called, which started the trend for luxury personal cars when it was released in 1955.

Other well-known models include the Ford Falcon, which was a huge success, and the Ford Gran Torino, which came out in 1968. This is one of the most popular Ford cars of all time and it has featured in numerous films and TV programmes, including Starsky and Hutch (1975 – 1979).

Modern success: the Ford Ranger

With a history of innovation stretching back over a century, it is not surprising that Ford has won a slew of international prizes in 2012. According to the judges of the International Pick-Up Award 2013,

Ford’s recent success with the Ford Ranger is down to its excellent performance both on-road and off-road, its towing abilities and its safety features.

Other key features of the Ford Ranger include its powerful Duratorq TDCi engines in two different versions and the range of spacious cabs. It is also the first pickup to be awarded five stars for its Euro NCAP rating


Over a century of innovation

With its recent international awards, Ford can celebrate the fact that it has been building incredible cars for over a century. As one of the world’s most successful car makers, it has consistently managed to produce affordable and iconic designs, many of which have had a huge influence on the auto industry. If it continues to innovate and focus on exceptional vehicle designs, it’s probably safe to say that Ford will be winning major awards for many years to come.