Adders a problem for charging dogs

Jonathan Farooqi's photo of an adder, taken at Branton Gravel Pits
Jonathan Farooqi's photo of an adder, taken at Branton Gravel Pits

Summer is one of those great times of the year.

Plant life is growing fantastically well. Our gardens may almost feel consumed by the speed at which the lawn grows, not to mention the weeds, not helped by the thundery rain and warm weather that Northumberland seems to be getting a great deal of.

One of the things that summer brings is a rise in tick activity, so make sure you have used sufficient preventative treatment.

Throughout spring and early summer ticks are most active and can carry potentially fatal diseases.

Across the practice we are taking part in The Big Tick Project – and have seen some super sized specimens.

Another problem that we often see at this time of the year is adder bites.

Adders love to bask out in the sun – and most dogs won’t have come across them before.

Most commonly dogs get bitten on the face or feet as they charge through the undergrowth and inadvertently disturb these shy animals.

Adder bites can cause significant swelling and pain, and can be fatal, so if you suspect that an adder has bitten your dog, phone your local surgery as soon as possible for advice.

Hopefully we will all enjoy some sunny and warm, maybe even hot, weather, but please remember don’t leave your pets in your car or vehicle.

The temperature rapidly rises inside a stationary vehicle and every year we see someone’s beloved pet rushed in as an emergency having been left in a car and suffering from heat stroke that can all too often be fatal.

We should also try to exercise our pets during the cooler hours of the day as too much running around with a big hairy coat on can cause heat stroke too, and it is an emergency I’d prefer not to have to treat if possible.

So here’s to a great British summer and don’t forget the sun cream. (Fingers crossed no more thunder and lightning).