Action taken on speeding motorists

Latest news from Northumbria Police.
Latest news from Northumbria Police.

Police have taken action against speeding motorists in Northumberland.

Extra officers were out on patrol throughout January to check driver speed at 15 sites across the Morpeth sector where residents had raised concerns, including Widdrington, Cambo, Longhorsley, Stannington and Longhirst, as well as areas outside some schools.

In total 1,071 vehicles were checked and two warnings were issued.

It follows concerns raised by residents across the Morpeth sector in relation to motorists travelling in excess of 30mph on the roads through towns, villages and hamlets.

The initiative also involved a partnership operation which took place on January 27 together with HM Revenue & Customs in response to reports of two thefts of diesel.

The team visited four locations across the Morpeth area where vehicles were stopped and checked for road traffic related offences and had their fuel tanks dipped for red diesel.

More than 20 vehicles were stopped with no offences disclosed - further operations will take place this month and next month.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Sharon Wilmore-Greaves said: “Speeding motorists is one of the things residents of Morpeth and the surrounding villages are most worried about, and we’re committed to tackling the issues of most concern.

“There were almost 1,100 cars stopped during the operation and out of those checked only two needed to be warned about their speed. That’s reassuring and shows the message about how dangerous speeding is, is getting through to the majority of drivers on the road.

“We’re not complacent and we’ll continue to carry out operations to ensure motorists are aware speeding will not be tolerated in towns and villages in the area.

“It’s important for drivers to be aware of speed limits in the area. If people are caught driving at excessive speeds they can expect enforcement action.”

The activity took place as part of Northumbria Police’s road safety operation Dragoon, aimed at making the roads safer for everyone.