Action plan ratified to tackle Boulmer issues

A comprehensive action plan to tackle numerous issues in Boulmer has been ratified by Longhoughton Parish Council and work will now start on trying to push it through

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 28th October 2017, 12:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:11 pm
Boulmer beach
Boulmer beach

The Boulmer Review, spearheaded by the ward’s councillors and representing the views of the village, sets out 38 preferred solutions to a range of topics, including housing, broadband and parking.

The document states that the overall view of residents is that Boulmer is a traditional fishing village with a unique character that has not changed in many decades and the locals wish to conserve these characteristics and protect it from inappropriate development.

Coun Adrian Hinchcliffe, one of the Boulmer members on the parish council, said: “The review is the culmination of a very democratic process and overall 60 per cent of households contributed to it.

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“We shall now be pursuing the list of preferred solutions. Many of these fall within the responsibility of the county council and we will be sitting down with Longhoughton county councillor Wendy Pattison to form a plan for these to be taken forward.”

Regarding housing, the review states that the majority of Boulmer residents do not want more houses, but if there is no option, then houses should be restricted to people and families who live and work in the area and they should be affordable.

Among the preferred solutions, Northumberland Estates will be asked to review its policies to retain for rental the existing stock of Estate properties in Boulmer for people in full-time occupation in the area.

Preferred solutions to tackle speeding in the village include the request of a speed survey through the 30mph zone and a review of whether this speed restriction should be extended, while a request will be made to review parking in Boulmer.

The review states that action will be taken to try to improve broadband speeds and mobile-phone connection, among other things.