Action ongoing to tackle parking and traffic issues

Julia Aston and Ann Burke are delighted that yellow lines have been removed from Queen Street in Amble.
Julia Aston and Ann Burke are delighted that yellow lines have been removed from Queen Street in Amble.

Fresh moves are being made to tackle parking and traffic-flow problems which have long been a problem in a seaside town.

A fortnight ago, changes were made on Queen Street, Amble, by introducing one-hour stays on both sides of the road – which is claimed to have had a positive impact.

On top of this, an experimental 12-month one-way system is going to be introduced, incorporating Leazes Street and Coquet Street, as well as Lawson Street and George Street.

It is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 17.

The initiatives come on the back of an trial park-and-ride scheme throughout the town, as well as temporary parking on the Braid, which was criticised by some residents.

The attempts to tackle the parking saga and traffic flow have been put together through a partnership between Northumberland County Council, Amble Town Council, Amble Development Trust and Amble Business Club. And business club chairman Ann Burke and Amble Mayor Craig Weir believe that the changes on Queen Street and the trial one-way systems will help solve some of the issues.

Ann said: “We have now got one-hour parking on both sides of Queen Street with only one short yellow line at the top and two loading bays, one top and one bottom of the street.This has maximised parking as much as possible and it has definitely helped. It is a good solution to the problem and I would say the traders and shoppers are very happy.

“The one-way systems will help the traffic flow.

“We are still meeting regularly to try to resolve the problem of long-stay parking.”

Coun Weir added: “The initiative on Queen Street certainly does give more parking spaces and we hope that the one-way scheme alleviates traffic flow along by the harbour area.”

This is not a new issue in Amble. A Gazette article in October 1964, for instance, stated that Amble Urban Council Town Development Committee wanted to meet police about the parking problems.