Action being taken to stop anti-social off-road bikers

Latest news from Northumbria Police
Latest news from Northumbria Police

Off-road bikers riding illegally and anti-socially in Amble are being targeted by Northumberland County Council and Northumbria Police.

The action follows concerns from local residents about bikes being ridden on paths, parkland and grassed areas, which has been a seasonal issue in the past.

The Safer Northumberland Partnership is working to ensure bikes are used sensibly and safely without disturbing local residents.

Signs have been put up at hotspots in the area warning would-be riders about the law and the potential consequences of illegal riding.

Police have already taken action through extra patrols and have used video and photographic evidence to target offenders.

Vicky Barrington, head of public protection at Northumberland County Council, said: “We’re keen to make sure that riders are fully aware of their obligations to make sure they are riding safely.

“To ride a bike on a road it must be constructed for use on the road and ridden only on the road and not on public parks, pavements, public land, waste land or parkways.

“Off-road bikes can only be ridden on authorised tracks and nowhere else.”

Coun Dave Ledger, deputy leader of the county council and chairman of the Safer Northumberland Partnership, said: “As with most anti-social behaviour, it’s a small minority who are causing the problems but we are determined to target these people.

“This sort of behaviour is not only dangerous to the riders themselves and the other people using the area, there’s also potential for environmental damage caused by the motorbikes.”

Amble Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Truscott said: “Disorder caused by motorbikes being ridden irresponsibly and illegally causes a huge amount of disruption to the local community and simply won’t be tolerated.

“Anyone caught riding a motorbike irresponsibly or illegally is given a section 59 warning notice. The notice warns riders if they’re caught again they could face being arrested, have their bike seized and even crushed.

“We would encourage people to report incidents to us so that we can identify the rider and take action against them.”

Police and the council are urging anyone with information about the inappropriate use of off-road bikes to contact them in confidence. People can call police on 101. Residents can also call the anti-social behaviour unit at Northumberland County Council on 0845 6006400, although this is not a round-the-clock service.